Why You Should get Tax Software

  • Easy to Use
  • File Your Tax Returns Electronically
  • Tax Data Is Stored for Easy Retrieval
  • Save money by Doing it Yourself

#8 Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt Reviews

  • Costs $26.95 – $44.95
  • More than 6500 Jackson Hewitt offices
  • Obtain accurate tax return figures
  • Refund anticipation loans, mobile tax tool
  • Tax payers have 3 editions to choose

Software Review

Jackson Hewitt online tax software can be chosen from any one of the 3 editions aside from a unique feature known as “MyTax Manager” edition. The other 3 editions are the Premium, Deluxe, and Basic. The basic edition usually comes for free. The features you will be able to enjoy in this edition include 24×7 live chat (unlimited) and email support. You get to enjoy free e-filing for federal filings, free download of W-2, and filing of basic returns without dividends.

The Deluxe edition features include 24×7 live chat and email support. The edition supports tax filings of any status; you get to enjoy itemized deductions as well as credits, and all that is available in the Basic edition. You get to enjoy these features when you file your tax returns under the Deluxe category.

The Premium edition features include all features available in Deluxe edition along with calculations involving expense and income related to business, you get to enjoy the services of a freelancer or a contractor whichever is available and suitable in your instance, tax audit assistance is also offered, and unlimited live chat, email support, and telephone consultation.

My Tax Manager features include allowing you to use the tax related resources, estimate the amount you are entitled to get in refund, get return status, and organizing and storing tax related documents for your use.

Simple to Use

The software is so simple to use that you can also use it at home without assistance from anyone. Also you have the provision of communicating with tax advisors either through telephone, email or live chat. Although the Jackson Hewitt online tax software can be used by anyone at home with considerable ease, if you have any queries, you can always turn to the company representatives for assistance.


The cost of the Premium edition is $44.95, the Deluxe edition is $26.95. The basic edition is of course free. You can file state returns at $29.95. And if you intend to avail the service of RAL or Refund anticipation loan, you have to shell out a fee that may range between $50 and $100, depending on your requirement and the complexity of the case.

Support and Help

You can expect round the clock assistance if you have any clarifications to make with regard to Jackson Hewitt online tax software. Since there are a number of offices located all across US that can help you with your tax returns and filing, you can also walk down into one of these offices and file your tax return according to your convenience and situation.


Overall, Jackson Hewitt online tax software is reliable and there are a number of additional services you can enjoy with this software, which is related to allied tax issues too.

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